Privacy Policy is an Indian matrimonial site. With regard to the information collected from you, we are strongly committed to your privacy.  Online payment on is 100% Secure. Your credit card information is entered using EBS Payment Gateway. It is secured transaction for online payment processing via credit card, debit cards and Netbanking.

The information you give to use this site
The information we gather from members and visitors who apply for the various services. Our site offers email address, first name, last name, a user-specified password, mailing address, zip code and telephone number or fax number.

If you establish a credit account with us to pay the fees we charge, some additional information, including a billing address, a credit card number and a credit card expiration date.

Is the information collected from me shared with any other third parties?
No, never share/rent/sell or trade ANY information that it collects from you with any third parties

How to unsubscribe the membership?
The members are requested to login to the relevant pages for unsubscription.

Can users contact any number of profiles in a single day?
As a paid member of this site, you have the privilege to contact hundreds of profiles based on your package.

Tell me about Marry email policy?
We use email extensively to help you find your match on Our main email products and services include:
Member responses to your profile (Contact Alert);Partner matches for you (Match Mail); and Newsletters updating you of the latest features on our site.

Occasionally, we may also send you: Announcements of special events which is associated with or Special offers from partner sites or group sites, which we believe are useful for you. You can also independently manage your email subscription using the My Alerts Manager option. We reiterate that we will never sell / rent out your email address to any third party, unless you expressly permit us to do so. In fact, we do not allow ANYONE to see your email address, not even other members.

We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time based on your comments or as a result of a change of policy in our company.

If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Statement, please write in to